Accept & Move On

This year, one of my mottos has been "accept and move on." I've realized that not everything happens the way you would like it to. And I've realized this because of my grades. Before this year, I never got a B on a report card. Ever. However, I have gotten As and Bs on every report card so far this year, and surprisingly, I'm okay with that.

If I were to get a B on my report card last year, I would probably freak out and have a mental breakdown. But I was also going through a lot of stress last year because sophomore year is such a hard year. I wanted my grades to be perfect, so I worked my butt off night and day to get the grades I wanted. I did homework and studied whenever I had the time, even if it was on Friday and Saturday nights. This caused me to get really good grades, but I was pushing myself so much that I had tons of breakdowns weekly and went through a lot of stress.

After that year was over, I thought to myself, was that really worth it? And that's when I realized it wasn't. It wasn't worth it to miss hanging out with friends over the weekend to do homework. It wasn't worth it putting myself under so much stress that I constantly had breakdowns. It wasn't worth it to never have time for myself.

So this year, I stopped doing that. I still spend a good amount of time doing homework and studying, but I don't let school take over my life. I have actually even set aside time for myself, which is something I didn't do at all last year. I spend my weekends relaxing instead of spending them doing schoolwork.

Third term grades close on Friday, and I'm possibly getting a C+ in one of my classes. And you know what? I'm okay with that. I try my hardest without letting school take over my life, and I balance a social life, school, work, and soccer in the fall. So I'm okay with not getting all As. Surprisingly enough, I'm way more happier this year than last year, and I don't get stressed that much anymore.

The lesson that I learned that I just wanted to share with you all is to just accept life and move on. There is no point in getting upset over little things. Life doesn't always give you what you want, but if you tried your hardest to get it, that's all that matters.


  1. Trust me, as long as you put in all your effort, that's all that matters. You should always feel right in yourself, so taking time for yourself is best. I used to have top grades at school and college, then I found university a struggle with moving away and having had a year out in industry...I tried hard but I ended up failing a module twice so I was suspended for a year. After appealing I was granted a final resit and got back in but honestly, I have never been happier. After this long ranty comment, my conclusion is, as long as you try and you are happy, it doesn't matter about anyone else. It's YOUR life, YOUR grades and YOUR well-being. :)
    These Days are Fast

  2. This is such a great attitude. I gave myself shingles senior year because of how worried I was about grades and activities! Good for you for realizing this early on!

    Good lucky! -Ashley

  3. I wish I had this mindset in high school. I was always worried about my grades! And I am going to have to do this in college now. haha But this is a great mindset to have We only have one life and we have to enjoy it!

    Love Always,