Spring Cleaning

I have a love/hate relationship with spring cleaning. I love it because I love the thought of being organized and getting rid of everything I don't need. However, I hate it because I usually have a lot to clean... which can take a while.

I'm actually really looking forward to spring cleaning this year because I have a ton of junk laying around that I need to get rid of! I felt that I should break up my spring cleaning into two sections: my wardrobe and desk. Both of those places are overflowing with unnecessary items, so why not start there? I'm going to follow the checklists below while cleaning, so feel free to do the same for yourself!

one // wardrobe
1. Go through all drawers and closet and take out clothes that I no longer want or don't fit me.
2. Upload clothes to Poshmark and donate the clothes that aren't in good enough condition to sell.
3. Switch out fall/winter clothes with spring/summer clothes.

two // desk
1. Go through the surface of my desk and throw any junk away.
2. Organize stuff on desk into neat piles.
3. Go through "craft bin" and throw out anything that is unimportant.

Even though there are only three tasks for each section, I know that it'll take me a really long time to get through all of these! I'm planning on starting it today since I have nothing to do. Wish me luck!

Have you started spring cleaning yet?


  1. I've been spring cleaning! It just has to be done. I have an Insta for my items for sale: @preppylovescloset ;)

  2. I am going to try Poshmark also for my spring cleaning. I might try Plato's closet too!!!

    Love Always,