Lilly Tumbler

About a week ago, my lovely Lilly tumbler came in the mail! I got it from Amazon using a gift card I had. I had been dying to get my own Lilly tumbler; I have a tumbler that I got from the Christmas Tree Shop, but I feel like it's too small for me. I love that my Lilly one is 20 oz. because it fits a good amount of whatever drink I want to put in it.

I use it basically every day! I just fill it up with water and continuously drink out of it. I've found that drinking my water out of this tumbler has made me drink more water each day because I'm always inclined to drink more of something when it's out of a pretty cup and has a straw!

Do you have a Lilly tumbler?


  1. I love using tumblers for my drinks - I swear that they make me drink more! I love the Lilly ones - they're so colourful!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  2. I will have to try using a tumbler to help me drink more water! I need to start drinking more!!

    Love Always,

  3. I don't have one but I certainly wish I did!