Warmer Weather = Callahan Shorts

Although I love basically everything from Lilly, the Callahan shorts are probably my favorite. I wear shorts almost every day in the summer, unless I have a reason to wear a dress or skirt, so these shorts come in handy. They are the perfect length because they're not too short but not too long. They also come in all different colors and patterns too, which is great! I now have seven pairs of Callahan shorts in my collection, and I'm obsessed with them all! The newest are the white and navy from the Ruelala sale.

Last Saturday, the temperature finally reached 70 degrees! I was thrilled because it was a beautiful day. Because the temperature was finally warm, I thought it was time to pull out my Callahan shorts. I wore the mint pair when I spent my weekend by the water, and I got a lot of compliments! I'm hoping to add more shorts to my collection, and I can't wait to wear all of them this summer.

Do you wear the Callahan shorts?

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