Why You Should Choose J. Crew Factory Over J. Crew

J. Crew
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I rarely buy anything at J. Crew because I always buy items from the factory store. I've always preferred the factory store over the regular retail store, so I thought I would share why I feel as though it's better to go factory!

one // it's cheaper
Prices at the factory store are obviously way cheaper than they are at the retail store. As a high school senior with just a part-time job, the factory store fits my budget better than the retail store does! I find that I'm able to afford things more often with the factory store, and the sales make it even better.

two // the items are cuter
I don't know why I feel this way, but in my opinion, the factory items are cuter than the retail items. There are some factory items that I like that are either the same as or very similar to retail items, which is awesome! But, I often find myself not liking much of the retail items while loving a majority of the factory items.

three // there are always sales
It seems like I'm getting emails from the factory about sales on a weekly basis! There are always great sales that I can never seem to pass up. Although the retail store does have great sales too, the sales don't happen as often.

Which do you prefer: factory or retail?


  1. J.Crew factory is amazing especially for jewelry! Their clothes don't fit me as well but their accessories are amazing.


  2. I love J Crew for casual but very fashion forward coordinates :)