Utoria BYOB Recap

On Sunday, I attended Utoria BYOB, and it was a blast. I had been following Tori on Twitter for a while and begged her to bring BYOB to Massachusetts - she's my age and a successful entrepreneur, so she's a huge inspiration to me. When I found out that she was coming to Boston, I was thrilled and immediately bought a ticket when I could!

BYOB (Become Your Own Boss) is all about helping you build up your own business. The conference was held at Babson College, which is actually my dream school! The event ran from 10 AM-4:30 PM, and it was full of non-stop girl power! When it started, we enjoyed a continental breakfast (could not stop eating the coffee cake!) and a coffee machine (I had one too many cups of coffee... Oops). Then from that time until 12:30, we learned so much stuff about what it means to own a business, how to network, etc. Lots of grueling but important stuff!

At 12:30 we took a lunch break. The lunch was fabulous! I had steak tips, chicken teriyaki, Caesar salad, and roasted potatoes. Then I followed up with a dessert of mint chocolate chip ice cream - my favorite! After lunch, we headed back to our room and really got down to business. Two other girls attended the conference with me, so the three of us sat down with Tori and dove into working on our own businesses. We figured out how we're going to find clients, how we're going to market our business, what our rates are going to be, etc. It was awesome!

The conference ended at 4:30. Everyone had to get back home, but I didn't have a certain curfew since I only live around 35 minutes away from Babson. So Tori and I decided to go to dinner! It was so nice to be able to just chat with Tori about anything. She had to go back to her hotel that night, but I'm hoping I get to see her again soon!

If you have ever thought about owning a business, I highly suggest checking out Utoria! It helped me so much. Tori will be doing a spring tour, and she's planning a conference in Tampa in January and a big three-day conference in Disney in June! Definitely get in touch with her to see if she's coming somewhere near you.


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