Magazine & Cookie Drive

Every year, my school hosts a fundraiser for magazine subscriptions and various cookie doughs. Because I go to a Catholic high school, my school heavily relies on any type of donations and fundraisers to lower our tuition. Each student actually pays $1,000 less per year than what it costs for them to be there! That is because that extra money comes from fundraisers.

I would love to help my school raise as much money as possible, and I'm asking for help from all of you too! If you are interested in purchasing a magazine subscription or cookie dough (the cookies are delicious!), I would love it if you could help my school and me out.

The best part about the fundraiser is it can even be done from a computer! The process is super easy, too. All you have to do is click here:

Then when it asks for a school code, please write 2499481 and the name Ashley Mason. Please let me know if you end up getting anything! I really appreciate it!


  1. Good luck!! I'm sure you guys will raise a ton of money if everyone is as dedicated as you are!

  2. Good luck raising money! Sounds like a good one.

  3. Great idea and hope you raise tons of $$$

  4. i didn't find any cookie dough :( :_( *sad face* but I'm going to look into what else I would like :) hope you raise a ton darling