What's a better way to start off the new year than by creating goals? I'm thrilled to be linking up with some fabulous ladies for the #NewYearNewGirl link-up in order to share our goals and establish methods for completing them.

B L O G  M O R E
It was one of my goals to post consistently throughout my first semester of college, but unfortunately, I had to put blogging on the back burner when I realized I needed to focus on working four days a week and studying instead. Now that I'm off of school for a month, I'm really getting back into the swing of blogging. In order to stay motivated, I'm going to utilize my blogging planner and set aside time each week to write posts.

R E A D  M O R E
I was hoping to read at least two books per month, but that was put on the back burner as well. I've definitely been reading like crazy since break started, so I would like to continue that. In order to read more, I'm going to set aside time each night to read.

F I N D  M O R E  B L O G  O P P O R T U N I T I E S
I've been starting to do more sponsored posts, which is awesome. I would love to be involved in more blog opportunities and make more money on the side. To accomplish this, I will use more affiliate links and apply for influencer programs.

I N V E S T  I N  M O R E  C L O T H E S
Fact: a fashion blogger can never have enough clothes. I've been meaning to buy more clothes for the winter since I've worn a uniform the past four years, but I've had to put so much money aside for Christmas that I didn't have enough money left over for myself. I'm going to save aside money to use for shopping good sales.

What are your goals for 2016?


  1. Those are some great goals for 2016! You can do it, blogging while going to school is pretty tricky! I started mine in my final semester of college and I did I think 3 posts total ha. Hang in there I know you can do it! Happy New Year.

  2. Good luck on your goals! I know blogging was tough for me during the school year too. I definitely need to just schedule my time to make it a lot easier. Good luck with your goals!!

    My Pop of Color

  3. So so happy you created this link up! It gave me the perfect motivation to not only get my blog on track, but this coming year!

    Brittany | Southern Soul

  4. Awesome goals for 2016! I wish you all the luck in completing them!
    Amy | pastlenpink.blogspot.com

  5. Awesome goals for 2016! Also glad that in this post you set up a specific way to reach each goal, that's always a great idea. Can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2016!

  6. Thank you for hosting this link up! It's awesome to see everyone's goals written out and now we can keep eachother accountable. Cheers to an amazing 2016!

  7. These are great, realistic goals. I completely understand why you had to put blogging and reading on the back burner...I had to do the same thing! There is so much going on and break is the best time to catch up. Good luck on your goals and happy new year's!
    girl C

  8. This was such a fun linkup :)
    It definitely got me really excited for the new year.

    xoxo, Jenny

  9. Great goals & such a fun linkup! So excited to be apart of it. Good luck & happy new year! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  10. Great goals! One of mine is also to up my wardrobe. Although I'm not a fashion blogger, I absolutely love clothes! :) Cheers to 2016!

  11. I want to create more blog opportunities and blog more too. I'm looking forward to continuing reading your blog in 2016!

  12. I recently told my friend she needed to invest in more clothes! And I can't wait to see you blog more!