Why I Didn't Shop the #AfterPartySale

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Lilly Pulitzer ... hence the blog name! And I can never pass up a good sale, especially when it comes to Lilly, which is why I totally took advantage of the summer #AfterPartySale.

I was instantly excited when I saw that the winter #AfterPartySale started on my birthday, but after some thought, I decided not to shop it this year. I shopped it last year and honestly was not too thrilled with my purchases. I'm definitely an impulse buyer, which is what happened last year. I bought a dress, tunic, and two shirts that I absolutely loved when I saw them on the website. However, when the items came in, I didn't like how they looked on me at all ... so I didn't wear any of them. I had to sell them through Poshmark and ended up losing money.

I pretty much only wear Lilly in the summer but I'm not a huge fan of Lilly in the winter; I tend to stick to J. Crew. Their winter pieces don't seem to look too good on me, and I debated on buying some shorts and dresses for summer instead, but then realized it's too far away. I'm also hoping to save more money this year, and I knew that if I shopped the sale, my money would be gone in an instant. Oops.

I thought I would regret not shopping the sale, but honestly, I don't feel too left out! I feel much happier knowing that I'm not broke and that I have money for shopping when I go to NYC this weekend.

Did you shop the #AfterPartySale?


  1. I am an impulse buyer too especially when it comes to Lilly. I didn't shop this year either. One of my resolutions is to budget and save a certain amount each month. I am trying to follow through with that.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. I think I need shoppaholic therapy, hehe.

  3. Good going girl, that extra money in my bank account feels great as well!

  4. I'm an impulse buyer too...especially when the item is in short supply. That's why I also didn't shop the sale as I was afraid I'd make purchases that I couldn't return!

  5. I didn't shop the sale either because even though I love Lilly most of it is not practical for me as a working woman so the only time I'd really wear it is on weekends so I don't need excess amounts of it.

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. Snaps to you for having some self discipline. I shopped the sale but didn't end up purchasing anything. I save Lilly pieces to wear from April through September.


  7. I actually ended up loving some of the Lilly pieces in the sale, but yet again I need to save money for things rather than buying statement pieces that I won't end up wearing until summer. Great post!

    Xoxo, Kate // asprinkleofkate.blogspot.com

  8. Great post! Enjoy NYC. I'd love to read a recap of your trip!

  9. I agree, not enough money right after christmas. Good self control!

  10. I'm way too poor! OMG jealous of NYC! I'm going at the end of the month hopefully!

  11. I did shop this After Party Sale, but I passed on the previous one this summer! I don't shop them only for the sake of buying.... I'll only get something if it's a Lilly piece that I absolutely love!

    xoxo A

  12. OMG! I'm so upset I missed this sale. I love Lilly as well, but like you I'm trying to save money this year so maybe it was for the best.

    xo Alexis

  13. I didn't buy a thing. I am kind of shopped out after the holidays!

  14. I didn't shop the APS either this season! I didn't have extra money, and I wasn't too thrilled with the selection!

    Brittany | Southern Soul

  15. This is always my favorite Lilly sale to shop, because the pieces typically have sleeves and I can wear them to work throughout the fall and winter :) Everything I wanted ended up being pulled from my cart before checkout, so I splurged and bought myself one of the cashmere cardigans.

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  16. Don't you just love when will power wins! Way to stick with your decision. I completely understand, because I am pretty sure that's happened to all of us. You go, girl!

    Sara Kate Styling

  17. What a smart decision to save your money for you trip this weekend! I commend you! It's hard not to shop the Lilly sale ((I didn't either this year but luckily my mom snagged me a dress!))

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  18. Agree 100% with you! I didn't shop it this year, I just didn't want to!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home