How To Kill It In Spring Semester

I feel as if I'm the only person who isn't looking forward to going back to school -- I wish break could last longer, but today is my last day. However, this month-long break has left me feeling super refreshed + ready to kill it this semester with these tips + tricks.

+ wake up early
Although sleeping in is really nice and 8 AMs are always dreaded, wake up early even when you don't have an early class. I've found that waking up early has actually motivated me to get more work done; if I spend more time sleeping or laying in bed, I find it that much harder to actually get myself to do things.

+ make a new to-do list each morning
I make a weekly to-do list outlining assignments I need to do and exams I need to study for. However, I started to also make daily to-do lists near the end of fall semester. Having a daily to-do list allows you to see just how much you need to get done in one day. Crossing off completed tasks brings a huge feeling of relief, and you'll be able to gauge your time when you know what you need to do. This Kate Spade notebook is perfect for jotting down your tasks!

+ utilize free time
Whenever you have free time, use it to do schoolwork. This could involve studying flash cards, taking notes, reading an article, and more. Although 30 minutes in between classes may not seem like a significant amount of time, you would be surprised by how many flash cards you could study in that time. Using a spare 15 or 30 minutes here or there definitely adds up in the long run. And doing homework in your free time during the week could potentially leave you extra time on weekends to go out or relax.

+ plan ahead
One thing that worked really well for me during fall semester was planning ahead. As I mentioned before, I made weekly to-do lists. However, I would have to-do lists for the next three or four weeks at a time. This would allow me to get an idea of when I would have really busy weeks, and then I used those to-do lists to get ahead on work so that I wasn't slammed all at once. Lilly Pulitzer agendas are perfect for planning ahead!

+ find your study habits
Did you develop study habits that worked really well for you last semester? Carry those over into spring semester. Did your study habits not work out too well for you last semester? Search through Pinterest for efficient study tips. Find whatever works best for you and stick with it; this will guarantee you academic success.

How do you plan on making this next semester successful?


  1. These are great tips! The waking up early thing is key, I did that one semester when I didn't have anything until like 2 somedays and I was SO productive!

  2. Love these tips, Ashley! Feeling the same about going back tomorrow... I'm not super pumped to get back to classes, but I am feeling refreshed after the break! I hope your first week back goes amazing :)


  3. Great tips!! I especially agree with your tip about waking up early, you get so much more done!!


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

  4. Yes to all of these things, especially planning ahead! Have a great spring semester girl!!

    xoxo A

  5. Great tips! I use a lot of these same ideas for school as a teacher too!


  6. These are great tips! I'm in my last semester of college ever (so exciting!) and I'm doing student teaching, so a lot of these don't apply. But I need to learn to utilize every spare minute that I have when I'm in the classroom. I could be making lesson plans, etc.!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  7. These are great tips for people in school. Even though I'm no longer in college, I definitely still make a to-do list every morning. I make one that's work-related and one that's not work-related that includes blog stuff and other errands or tasks I need to complete.

  8. I love a good fashion handwritten to do list!

  9. Great tips. I never quite mastered the getting up early.

  10. Great tips! I feel like they would be great for working from home too!

  11. I've also begun to use my free time more wisely! I always bring snacks with me in my backpack which makes this a lot easier!

  12. I really need to be better about creating a daily to-do list. I write on the same one for about a week, then re-write it Friday evening before going home from work. Daily lists would probably help me to feel less overwhelmed! I hope that you had a great first day back :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  13. Wonderful tips! I especially love the daily to-do lists. Sometimes I forget to do that and my day is never as product as when I do make a to-do list!

    Jennifer Ashley  

  14. I swear by an agenda for a successful semester! I've had two Lilly Pulitzer ones now, and this year I'm using a day designer! Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Pick Your Beau