Why Blogging Breaks Are Good

As some of you know, I took a blogging break for a couple of weeks and recently came back. I was swamped with homework, work, and midterms, and I felt like I didn't have the time to blog. Even though I wasn't completely quitting blogging forever, making this decision was really hard for me because I love to blog. However, I noticed that taking a break has really helped me and my blog so far. Blogging breaks are, in fact, good for you!

one // new ideas
Because I barely had enough time to write blog posts before my break, my posts were terrible. The ideas were boring and the posts were written horribly. I had so much stuff to do that I just tried to write my post as soon as possible, so the post topics weren't that great. After my break, I was able to come up with lots of fresh, new ideas and make the posts a lot more longer and interesting!

two // more readership
Even though I wasn't posting every day, I was still getting views. I actually gained ten more followers in that time, too! Since there aren't any new posts, followers and readers tend to look through old posts and read those, therefore increasing readership.

three // increasing love
When I didn't have a lot of time to write my posts, blogging seemed more like a chore than a passion to me. I wrote my posts because I felt like I had to, not because I wanted to. At that point, that's when I knew I should take my break. You are supposed to blog because you want to and love to, not because you feel like you had to. Taking some time away from my blog made me love blogging again, and I actually really missed blogging! And if you blog because you feel like you have to, your posts will be boring and short. If you blog because you love to, your posts will be exciting and long!

If you are ever debating on taking a break from blogging, I highly suggest you go and take a break. It may seem like the wrong decision at first, but once you feel like you are ready to go back to blogging, it will be so worth it!

Why do you think blogging breaks are good?


  1. I sometimes feel like taking a break from blogging and like you say it can sometimes feel like a chore if you're not careful! I definitely think a blogging break can be a good idea if you're not feeling as in to it anymore :) x

  2. Blogging can be such a love-hate relationship in many different ways. One of them is seeing blogging like you HAVE TO (like you said), sometimes I feel like this but at the same time I still want to blog because I get really happy when I see I got a new follower, a comment, more pageviews, etc. It can be hard but it really makes me happy :) but of course, if blogging isn't your fulltime job and you have another job/you're a student/ or something like this, it can be very necessary to take a break.
    You made a good decision for yourself & I love the fact that you're being so open about it :) xx