Lilly Pulitzer x Target

As pretty much everyone knows, the Lilly Pulitzer x Target collaboration launched today. I couldn't make it to my local Target because I had to work this morning, but I wasn't planning on going anyway. After shopping the endless summer sale multiple times, I had a feeling all Target stores and its website would be very similar to Lilly's website on sale days!

I can honestly say that I'm glad I didn't get up super early to waste my time and sleep by visiting a store or trying to get on the website. By the looks of Twitter, I can tell that there were few girls who were really happy with their experience while there are many girls who are extremely disappointed.

I saw a lot of pictures that girls had tweeted of the Lilly Pulitzer x Target sections in their stores, and they were all measly little racks that only had a couple of each size of clothing and limited accessories. Most stores even sold out within five to ten minutes of opening. I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been to be waiting in line since 5-6 AM this morning just to get absolutely nothing! The whole line is also completely sold out on the website, and it took forever for the website to even work this morning.

Not only did things sell out in a ridiculous amount of time, but I've also seen many tweets of girls who bought a ridiculous amount of items from the collection to sell on eBay for an unfair price just to make a profit. Are you kidding me? The whole purpose of this collaboration is to make Lilly items available to more people, not to prevent people from buying it! It's inconsiderate and selfish that people would honestly try to do this. If you were unable to get something that you really wanted, do not buy it off of eBay. You would be wasting your money and giving those girls the satisfaction of making more money just like they planned!

I plan on waiting around for the next couple of weeks or so before buying any items online. I can already tell that most of the items will be backordered, so there is no point in rushing to get them now. Wait it out so you can have a successful shopping trip as well!

How was your Lilly Pulitzer x Target experience?


  1. I actually had a fairly good one. I basically grabbed everything in my size and worried about what I wanted later. There were some items that I didn't see at my Target like the pom pom shorts, but I got a pretty impressive haul. It helped that not a ton of people were at my Target, but everything still sold out in 15 minutes. Grown women were fighting for clothing...

    Go back to your Target in a couple days to see if people have returned anything! There's always hope.

    xx, Julianna {}

  2. Ashley,
    Wasn't it just pure chaos??? I got a bathing suit late last night when the mobile links were leaked. But, besides that I was pretty disappointed. I too was so mad when I saw girls complaining that Target had a 25 item, and I have l have already seen on PoshMark items listed for a ridiculous amount!

    Champagne and Pearls

  3. I stayed up for the online launch. I only wanted 2 things. Between the site and the app crashing, I finally gave up and went to bed at 3:00. I did go to Target this morning. The one closest to me was pretty much sold out at when I got there at 9. I went to another store and they did have stuff left, some clothes, accessories, and lots of home stuff. It wasn't anything I wanted though. I almost bought a dress for my 6 year old, but as much as she wears out her clothes, she would just ruin it the first time she wore it. So nothing for me but lack of sleep!

  4. I live in Wisconsin, where Lilly is not a well-known or commonly worn brand. I volunteered this morning instead of hanging outside a store and everything was sold out. I was really disappointed in the people who bought everything. This isn't about you making money, it's about the Lilly lifestyle becoming more affordable.

  5. I completley agree with you Ashley! It is so sad that people are showing their true greedy colors. I wish you luck with the returns!

    Zoe {}

  6. It wasn't as dramatic as this sounds. I live in the south (where Lilly is born and bred), got in line at Target at 7, and got a good selection. No, not everything I wanted - but a good selection nonetheless.

    Target has said numerous times that they won't be restocking in stores or online, so there won't be a chance to "wait it out and order later" and nothing will be "back ordered". For more info, check the @asktarget, @targetstyle, and @jasongoldberger (Target CEO of online platforms) twitter handles.